KitJam takes the fuss out of kit preparation.

Whether it's your first race or your hundredth, counting calories and hunting down the optimum race vest is a chore no longer!

Image showing example kit list for fire and ice ultra.

Ready-to-go kit checklists

We check out the required kit for each event and build beautiful checklists for you to use.

Easily add kit

Pop in the product name and we'll fill in weight, calories, etc.

Image showing a user adding a mirror and having the weight autocompleted.
Image showing someone clicking the add another kit list item button to add extra items.


Lube not on the organisers required kit list? Easily add that Gurney Goo you're going to take.

Watching your figures

We keep track of calories, weight, etc. so you don't have to.

Image showing a pie chart breaking down all kit by weight for the marathon des sables ultramarathon.
Image showing a completed and publicly shared marathon des sables kit list.


Give the link to your kit list to anyone and they can have a peak at what you're taking.

Some of the events we cover

Pony Express

Two days of leafy bliss...for the spectators! For you it's 60 miles over two days uphill.

Grand to Grand

Think of the toughest thing you've ever done. Consider that a gentle warm up for Grand to Grand.

Dragons Back Race

Enjoy bubble baths and the gentle sound of rain on the window? This is not the race for you...

Cape Wrath Ultra

The Scottish race that eats its young. Barkley ain't got nothing on Shane Ohly.