Ready, steady, go!

03 Feb 2017
Ready, steady, go! image

Well hello there! Our little website has been live for a few months now and we’ve been testing the bells and whistles with some of the best equipment manufacturers, race organisers, and of course, all sorts of athletes. Wannabe athletes (Aaron’s friends), and actual athletes (Jenny’s friends excl. Aaron).

Anyhow – we’re going to be opening KitJam to the public in the near future, so it was about time we introduced ourselves.

We’re team KitJam and we love outdoor adventures! Specifically we love lacing up our running shoes and spending a few hours or days exploring... or cycling just that little bit further ... or navigating the polar icecaps... or… well, you get the picture.

Why? Well, we have more reasons than time to list them – but here are some of the top ones for why we choose adventure:

  • It’s the great outdoors,
  • It’s the chance to meet new life long friends,
  • It’s the training,
  • It’s the excuse to buy more kit - for every!single!race!,
  • It’s knowing you’re always with like minded people,
  • It’s spending a week being completely stinking filthy and loving it,
  • It’s working your ass off and knowing you’ve left it all out there and given it everything,
  • And of course, once you’ve finished your adventure you’re inevitably left wondering what’s next 馃檮


If you feel yourself nodding your head as you read that list, then welcome! Welcome to the KitJam club of adventurers!

We’ve got some amazing things built, and even more features planned for this site, and for our community. This very first blog post is a call to arms – inviting you to join us as we forge a path that dissolves the admin burden that stands in the way of adventure.