Startup progress report - we've got a lot of stuff to weigh!

09 Jun 2017
Startup progress report - we've got a lot of stuff to weigh! image

Weight for it…
We’re slightly behind schedule here at KitJam HQ on our promise to deliver to you, our tribe, a monthly blog. We do have a reason (and it’s not an excuse, honest) for being late with this month’s  instalment when quite frankly at times we’d rather have been hitting the trails to get ready for the The Munga 400km ( non-stop running race rather than what we have been doing recently.
How selfish of us though! Thanks to being tied to our Macs and talking ALL THINGS KIT we’ve completed the superhuman task of approving and adding kit items to our database so it is even easier for you folks to build your kit lists.
Punching above our weight?
Whilst we’ve been working on on the usual pain points of any start-up, you runners have been busy adding 837 items to your kit lists and they’ve been waiting for us to approve and add them to our database. Verifying kit spec is correct is imperative for what we provide on KitJam. Every single item needs to be verified and we double check the data from various sources. One of those sources is our co-founder who has a Kit Cave the likes of which have never seen before, so on many occasions we’ve simply delved in there to find said piece of kit and weigh it ourselves. Jenny should be embarrassed at the volume of kit she owns and the state of said Kit Cave but instead she’s embarrassingly proud of it.
Having spent so much time trawling the internet to bring you correct data, we nearly lost it at how many retailers and manufacturers fail to provide accurate or specifications for their products. Frustration levels reached dangerous highs and WHY OH WHY don’t Compressport provide any weight for their kit (currently unavailable in the Kit Cave, said co-founder isn’t a fan).
Do you love us just the weigh we are?
We’ve had some feedback from many of you and we’re so grateful. It might lead to death by coding for Aaron as he gets to work on implementing the feedback but regardless, we are seriously grateful for it so thank you. Please drop us a line at with any comments or suggestions you have. If it’s a really good one we might even delve into the Kit Cave and throw something awesome you’re way (when said co-founder is out of sight naturally).
There are so many ways in which to grow KitJam and knowing what you want from it is key.

We’ll soon be launching a new product and we’re brimming with excitement to introduce you to it. We won’t leave it so long next time, promise. Keep Jammin’ and we’ll chat again soon.
Aaron & Jenny