Instant adventure menus your customers will love

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KitJam|Fuel in action

Friction-Free Flow

Users add products to your shops basket directly from KitJam|Fuel.

shows how retailers can include KitJam|Fuel in their website

KitJam|Fuel On Your Site

You can put KitJam|Fuel on any page of your site with 2 lines of code. Best of all, only your products will be used in the menus built on your site.

You're in control

You tell us which products to upload and KitJam|Fuel automatically includes them in adventure menus. Disable individual products in a click.


Pay on success

5% affiliate fee to KitJam when a sale comes through KitJam|Fuel


Coder? Integrate KitJam|Fuel with your checkout yourself, or we can do it for £495

One line of code

Once integrated, it takes one line of code to show KitJam|Fuel on a webpage


We're always improving on our menu design algorithms and you get the upgrades for free.