4Deserts Atacama Crossing Kit List
01 October 2017

This is the kit you need.

Item Product Quantity
4Deserts Patches (Mandatory) Provided by organisers. Must be worn on both sleeves of ALL tops and jackets. - [u'equipment']
Alcohol Gel (Mandatory) - [u'toiletries']
Alcohol Wipes (Mandatory) - [u'first aid']
Back-Up Light (Mandatory) A second headtorch or hand held torch is accepted. Require enough lumens to use overnight on the course on uneven terrain. - [u'equipment']
Backpack (Mandatory) 25-30L Recommended - [u'equipment']
Blister Pads (Mandatory) Compeed or Spenco 2nd Skin recommended - [u'first aid']
Camera - [u'equipment']
Chest/Hip Pack - [u'equipment']
Compass (Mandatory) In-built watch compass is NOT adequate. - [u'equipment']
Compression Bandage (Mandatory) Min. size of 7.5cm/3in wide x 4.5m/14ft long (6cm/2.4in in diameter). - [u'first aid']
Compression Socks - [u'clothing']
Eating Tin/Cup - [u'equipment']
Eating Utensil (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Elastic Tape (Mandatory) 1 Roll. - [u'']
Electrolytes/Salt Tablets (Mandatory) 7-day Supply - [u'food']
Flip Flop/Slippers - [u'equipment']
Food (Mandatory) Min. of 2,000kcal p/day - [u'food']
Full Length Running Tights (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Gloves (Mandatory) Must be full fingered gloves. - [u'clothing']
Hat w/Neck Cover (Mandatory) Hat and Buff combo is also accepted, neck and head must be covered. - [u'clothing']
Headphones - [u'equipment']
Headtorch (Mandatory) Require enough lumens to use overnight on the course on uneven terrain. - [u'equipment']
Hydration System (Mandatory) Min 2.5L capacity - [u'equipment']
Hypodermic Needles (Mandatory) Safety pins accepted as an alternative - [u'first aid']
Insect Repellent - [u'toiletries']
Knife/Multi-Tool (Mandatory) Scissors alone do not satisfy this mandatory kit requirement. - [u'equipment']
Lip Sunscreen (Mandatory) - [u'toiletries']
Nationality Patches (Mandatory) Must be worn on both sleeves of ALL tops and jackets - [u'equipment']
Painkillers (Mandatory) Min. 7-day supply. NOTE: Race organisers recommend seeking advice from your doctor about any medication you plan to take during the race. They do not recommend taking anti-inflammatories during the race. - [u'first aid']
Paper Tape (Mandatory) 1 roll. Microtape recommended. - [u'first aid']
Portable Charger - [u'equipment']
Rain Poncho (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Red Flashing Light (Mandatory) Attach to your backpack and must be switched when on the course in the dark. - [u'equipment']
Running Shirt (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Running Shorts/Leggings (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Safety Pins (Mandatory) Mixture of sizes recommended - [u'first aid']
Sand Gaiters Highly recommended by the race organisers - [u'equipment']
Scarf/Headgear 4Deserts Buff recommended - [u'equipment']
Shoulder Pads Attach these pads to the shoulder straps of any backpack for extra padding to increase the comfort. - [u'equipment']
Signalling Mirror (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Sleeping Bag (Mandatory) Sleeping bag + liner is permitted but must reach a combined rating of 5°C/41 °F . Feel the cold? Camp 1 elevation is 3300 meters, so organisers recommend a sleeping bag rated between 0°C/32°F & -5°C/23 ° if you do. - [u'equipment']
Sleeping Bag Lines - [u'equipment']
Sleeping Mat - [u'equipment']
Socks (Mandatory) Organisers recommend a fresh pair for each day but note only 2 pairs are compulsory. - [u'clothing']
Sports Bra - [u'clothing']
Sunglasses (Mandatory) UV protection required. Race organisers recommend 2 pairs - [u'equipment']
Sunscreen (Mandatory) Organisers recommend a waterproof, sweatproof, non-greasy and high SPF brand. They also recommend to decant the sunscreen into separate containers in case one is difficult to find. - [u'toiletries']
Survival Bivvy Bag (Mandatory) This must be a closed bivvy bag, made of reflective material. A blanket is NOT adequate. Race organisers recommend a thick bag to provide additional warmth over your sleeping bag if cold. - [u'equipment']
Thermal Underwear - [u'clothing']
Toilet Tissue (Mandatory) 7-day supply required. - [u'toiletries']
Toothbrush - [u'toiletries']
Toothpaste - [u'toiletries']
Towel - [u'equipment']
Trail Running Shoes (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Trekking Poles - [u'equipment']
Warm Hat (Mandatory) A Buff does NOT satisfy this requirement. - [u'']
Warm Long Sleeve Top (Mandatory) Organisers recommend a fleece, down jacket or a thick, long sleeved base layer. - [u'clothing']
Waterproof Bag (Mandatory) 35L min. capacity. A combination of smaller bags is NOT permitted. - [u'equipment']
Waterproof Jacket (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Waterproof Trousers - [u'clothing']
Wet Wipes 7-day Supply. - [u'']
Whistle (Mandatory) Have a whistle on your backpack? This is not race kit compliant, you must have a separate whistle. - [u'equipment']
Wrist Watch To act as a timer and alarm - [u'equipment']
iPod - [u'equipment']