4Deserts Gobi March Kit List
18 June 2017

This is the kit you need.

Item Product Quantity
4Deserts Patches (Mandatory) Race organisers send these out to competitors before the race. These must be affixed to both sleeves of all tops, incl. jackets in addition to the Nationality Patches - [u'clothing']
Alcohol Gel (Mandatory) Min. 60ml - [u'first aid']
Alcohol Wipes (Mandatory) - [u'first aid']
Backpack (Mandatory) 25-30L capacity is recommended - [u'equipment']
Bodyglide Highly recommended by race organisers - [u'first aid']
Camera If your camera is not waterproof, keep it in double zip lock bags. Note: A charging device is recommended as competitors will not have access to power for recharging. - [u'equipment']
Chest/Hip Packs Chest and hip packs can increase capacity without additional load on your back - [u'equipment']
Compass (Mandatory) A compass as a part of a watch is NOT sufficient. - [u'equipment']
Compeed (Mandatory) Spenco 2nd Skin is also acceptable - [u'first aid']
Compression Bags Pack your food and small items in zip-lock bags. For valuable items (i.e., cameras & passports), you may consider waterproof / sandproof bags. - [u'equipment']
Compression Bandage (Mandatory) Min. 7.5 cm/3 in wide x 4.5 m /14 ft long (6 cm/2.4 inches in diameter). - [u'first aid']
Compression Socks Recommended by race organisers for recovery after each day - [u'clothing']
Cutlery (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Eating Tin/Cup - [u'equipment']
Elastic Tape (Mandatory) Recommend Elastikon Tape - [u'first aid']
Electrolytes/Salt Tablets (Mandatory) Must bring 1) Enough powder to make 30L of drink OR 2) Enough salt tablets for the course (circa 45 tablets) for 30hrs on the course OR 3) A combo of both (e.g. powder for 15L of water & tablets for 15hrs on the course - [u'food']
Emergency Bivvy Bag (Mandatory) Must be a closed bivvy bag (NOT a blanket) made of reflective material. We recommend a thick bag that you can repack easily as you may want to use it over your sleeping bag in cold or wet weather conditions. - [u'equipment']
Emergency Whistle (Mandatory) Whistles incorporated into backpacks are NOT sufficient. You MUST have an emergency whistle. - [u'equipment']
Flip Flops/Slippers For walking around camp and post-race comfort – choose the lightest model you can find - [u'clothing']
Food (Mandatory) Min. of 14,000kcal - [u'food']
Foot Powder Highly recommended by race organisers - [u'toiletries']
GPS Choose a model that uses changeable batteries (not rechargeable batteries) as competitors will not have access to power for re-charging. Note: The course is marked every 25 meters and GPS coordinates are not provided. A GPS is most useful for tracking distance. - [u'equipment']
Gaiters HIGHLY recommended - [u'clothing']
Gloves (Mandatory) Must be full finger gloves - [u'clothing']
Hat with neck cover (Mandatory) t is required that you wear a cap with a neck cover (such as legionnaire design) or have a cap with a Buff® to cover both your head and neck. - [u'clothing']
Head Torch (Mandatory) Must carry 2 light sources – 1 must be a headlamp; the 2nd can be a headlamp or handheld torch. Both lights must be strong enough to use when on the course at night on uneven terrain. - [u'equipment']
Hydration System (Mandatory) Min. capacity of 2.5L - [u'equipment']
Hypodermic Needles or Safety Pins (Mandatory) - [u'first aid']
Insect Repellent - [u'first aid']
Knife/Multi-Tool (Mandatory) Scissors does NOT fulfill this requirement. - [u'equipment']
Lip Sunscreen (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Medication (Mandatory) It is NOT advised to take anti-inflammatory medication on the course. Bring an adequate 7-day supply so that you are not dependent on medication from the event medical team. - [u'first aid']
Nationality Patches (Mandatory) You must wear nationality patches on both sleeves of all tops (including jackets) throughout the event. - [u'clothing']
Paper Tape (Mandatory) Recommend MicroPore Tape - [u'first aid']
Portable Charger - [u'equipment']
Rain Poncho (Mandatory) Required for additional warmth and wet protection. - [u'clothing']
Red Flashing Light (Mandatory) This is to be attached to the rear of your backpack and switched on when you are on the course in the dark. - [u'equipment']
Running Shirt (Mandatory) Race organisers recommend two shirts - [u'clothing']
Safety Pins (Mandatory) Heavy duty safety pins recommended - [u'first aid']
Scarf/Headgear Race organisers recommend a Buff - [u'clothing']
Signalling Mirror (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Sleeping Bag (Mandatory) Min. requirement combination of sleeping bag plus bag liner is 0°C/32°F. A liner is not compulsory kit. - [u'equipment']
Sleeping Bag Liner Sleeping bag liners are a great way to add additional warmth to lightweight sleeping bags. Most bag liners add approximately 6°C/10°F. This can be used towards your sleeping bag rating. - [u'equipment']
Sleeping Mat - [u'equipment']
Socks (Mandatory) Recommend 6-7 pairs, only 2 pairs are mandatory kit. - [u'clothing']
Sunglasses (Mandatory) Race organisers recommend two pairs - [u'equipment']
Sunscreen (Mandatory) Min. 60ml, recommend water-proof, sweat-proof and non-greasy - [u'equipment']
Tights/Shorts (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Tights/Shorts Full Length (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Toilet Issue (Mandatory) Enough for 7 days. Race organisers will not hand out any toilet tissue - [u'toiletries']
Toothbrush - [u'toiletries']
Toothpaste - [u'toiletries']
Towel For cleaning off at camp - [u'equipment']
Trail Running Shoes (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Trekking Poles Useful if you intend to walk the majority of the course. You must train with poles if you plan to use them. - [u'equipment']
Warm Hat (Mandatory) Note a Buff does NOT fulfil this requirement - [u'clothing']
Warm Long Sleeve Top (Mandatory) This must be a warm top (preferably fleece or down jacket). An alternative is a thick, long-sleeve capilene top. - [u'clothing']
Waterproof Bag (Mandatory) Min. 35L capacity. There is a chance of rain, and it is vital to keep the contents of your backpack (in particular, your sleeping bag and camp clothes) dry. Using a combination of smaller bags does NOT fulfil this requirement. - [u'equipment']
Waterproof Jacket (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Wet Wipes Recommended 5-10 wet wipes per day - [u'toiletries']
Wristwatch/Instrument - [u'equipment']