Cape Wrath Ultra Kit List
22 May 2018

This is the kit you need.

Item Product Quantity
Altimeter Very useful aid for navigation in low visibility conditions - [u'equipment']
Anti-chafing / Lubrication Ointment - [u'first aid', u'overnight bag']
Antiseptic Wipes (Mandatory) or Antiseptic Ointment 30ml. Incl. in Blister Treatment Kit sold by CWU. - [u'first aid', u'overnight bag']
Backpack (Mandatory) Ultra vest works too, must be large enough to carry all the mandatory clothing and equipment - [u'equipment']
Cloth (Mandatory) for drying plate etc. - [u'equipment', u'overnight bag']
Compass (Mandatory) Traditional magnetic compass with baseplate/thumb compass - [u'equipment']
Credit Card/Cash Enough to get you back to Fort William if returning early - [u'admin']
Cutlery (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'overnight bag']
Dry Bag (Mandatory) Max. 80L capacity - [u'equipment', u'overnight bag']
Ear Plugs - [u'equipment', u'overnight bag']
Fell or Mountain Running Shoes (Mandatory) Road shoes are NOT acceptable - [u'equipment']
Food (Mandatory) Sufficient personal food for eating on the hill each day (don’t underestimate this as there will be no additional ‘snack’ food available to take or purchase at the overnight camp) - [u'food', u'overnight bag']
GPS For participants who are not confident of their map and compass skills in all conditions - [u'equipment']
Gloves (Mandatory) Must be suitable for the weather conditions - [u'clothing']
Hat (Mandatory) Must be suitable for the weather conditions - [u'clothing']
Headtorch (Mandatory) with sufficient brightness to be able to navigate in the dark - [u'equipment']
Hydration System (Mandatory) No minimum capacity specified - [u'equipment']
Hydrocolloid Dressings (Mandatory) Compeed suggested - [u'first aid', u'overnight bag']
Insect Repellent (Mandatory) - [u'first aid', u'overnight bag']
Kinesiology Tape (Mandatory) 5cm x 5m - [u'first aid', u'overnight bag']
Luxury Food Items Anything you'd like in the evenings as a treat! - [u'food', u'overnight bag']
Map (Mandatory) Supplied by organisers - [u'equipment']
Midge Head Net (Mandatory) A mosquito head net is NOT acceptable - [u'equipment', u'overnight bag']
Mobile Phone (Mandatory) Although there is no guarantee of phone reception along most of the route - [u'equipment']
Money (Mandatory) At least £50 in case you need to get a taxi to the overnight camp - [u'admin']
Mug (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'overnight bag']
Personal First Aid Kit (Mandatory) to include plasters, antiseptic ointment, tick remover and tape as a minimum - [u'first aid', u'overnight bag']
Personal First Aid Kit - [u'first aid']
Plate/Bowl (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'overnight bag']
Profoot Moleskin Roll (Mandatory) 7cm x 45cm - [u'first aid', u'overnight bag']
Satellite Tracker (Mandatory) Supplied by Organisers - [u'equipment']
Sleeping Bag (Mandatory) 3 Seasons rating recommended - [u'equipment', u'overnight bag']
Sleeping Mat (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'overnight bag']
Small Scissors (Mandatory) - [u'first aid', u'overnight bag']
Spare Headtorch Batteries (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Spare Shoes (Mandatory) Recommend waterproof ones as overnight camps may be wet/muddy - [u'shoes', u'overnight bag']
Spare Top (Mandatory) - [u'clothing', u'overnight bag']
Spare Trousers/Leggings (Mandatory) - [u'clothing', u'overnight bag']
Spare Warm Top (Mandatory) Spare means unworn at the start! - [u'clothing']
Spare Waterproof Jacket Recommended spare for overnight camp - [u'clothing', u'overnight bag']
Spare Waterproof Trousers Recommended spare for overnight camp - [u'clothing', u'overnight bag']
Sponge (Mandatory) for washing plate etc. - [u'equipment', u'overnight bag']
Sterile Cotton Swabs (Mandatory) Incl. in Blister Treatment Kit sold by CWU - [u'first aid', u'overnight bag']
Sterile Medical Scalpel Blade (Mandatory) Size #11. Incl, in Blister Treatment Kit available to buy from CWU - [u'first aid', u'overnight bag']
Sterile Non Adhesive Island Dressings (Mandatory) 7cm x 6cm - [u'first aid', u'overnight bag']
Sunblock (Mandatory) - [u'first aid', u'overnight bag']
Survival Bag (Mandatory) NOT a blanket - [u'equipment']
Towel - [u'equipment', u'overnight bag']
Travel Pillow - [u'equipment', u'overnight bag']
Warm Jacket Insulated 'duvet' jacket - [u'clothing', u'overnight bag']
Watch (Mandatory) Could also be a GPS device or mobile phone - [u'equipment']
Waterproof Jacket or Smock (Mandatory) with taped seams and a hood - [u'clothing']
Waterproof Trousers (Mandatory) with taped seams - [u'clothing']
Waterproof pen/pencil/chinagraph writing implement (Mandatory) KJ salutes you if you already own a chinagraph writing implement... - [u'equipment']
Whistle (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']