Grand to Grand Kit List
25 September 2017

This is the kit you need.

Item Product Quantity
Alcohol wipes (Mandatory) - [u'first aid']
Backpack (Mandatory) Organiser recommends their G2G Ultrabag 20L by WAA - [u'equipment']
Buff - [u'clothing']
Cap Sahara hat (with neck flap if you prefer) - [u'clothing']
Compass (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Country flag patch (Mandatory) For your left shirt sleeve, to be worn everyday during the race - [u'admin']
Duct tape Small amount recommended - [u'equipment']
Ear plugs - [u'equipment']
Elastic tape (Mandatory) e.g. Elastikon, Leukotape - [u'first aid']
Food (Mandatory) A minimum of 2,000 calories per day for each of the days remaining in the race (a minimum of 14,000 calories at the start of Stage 1) - [u'food']
Foot powder - [u'first aid']
Gaiters - [u'clothing']
Hand sanitizer - [u'first aid']
Head lamps (Mandatory) Each headlamp must be a minimum of 200 lumens - [u'equipment']
Hypodermic needle (Mandatory) - [u'first aid']
Knife (Mandatory) With a minimum 5cm blade - [u'equipment']
Light down jacket (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Lip balm with sunscreen - [u'first aid']
Paper tape (Mandatory) - [u'first aid']
Red flashing light (Mandatory) To be afixed to backpack for night stage - [u'equipment']
Signal mirror (Mandatory) At least 6cm in diameter - [u'equipment']
Sleeping bag (Mandatory) Rated Zero Celsius (32F) or lower. Note: the manufacturer's label must be intact and reflect that this minimum requirement is met. No alternatives (e.g. silk liner) will be acceptable. If a label is not available on the sleeping bag, a printout of the manufacturer's sleeping bag specifications which includes the temperature rating must be presented at the mandatory race check-in. - [u'equipment']
Sleeping pad (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Space blanket (Mandatory) At least 2.2 metres by 1.4 metres in size - [u'equipment']
Spork Spoon / fork - [u'equipment']
Sunglasses - [u'equipment']
Sunscreen - [u'toiletries']
Toilet paper - [u'toiletries']
Water containers (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Wet wipes - [u'toiletries']
Whistle (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']