Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon Kit List
27 October 2017

This is the kit you need.

Item Product Quantity
Additional Water Bottle 300ml capacity - [u'equipment']
Anti-Chafe Product (Mandatory) Strapping or anti-chafe cream recommended - [u'first aid']
Antiseptic Cream (Mandatory) - [u'first aid']
Backpack (Mandatory) 30L recommended - [u'equipment']
Blister Treatment Kit (Mandatory) - [u'first aid']
Cutlery (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Face Cloth - [u'equipment']
Flip Flops evening wear - [u'equipment']
Hat (Mandatory) with sun protection - [u'clothing']
Headtorch (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Hydration System (Mandatory) Min. 1.5L capacity - [u'equipment']
Insect Net Face Cover (Mandatory) A Buff is also acceptable - [u'equipment']
Insect Repellent - [u'toiletries']
Painkillers - [u'first aid']
Rain Poncho in case of rain! - [u'equipment']
Safety Pins (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Sewing Kit - [u'equipment']
Shoe Gaiters - [u'equipment']
Signalling Mirror (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Sleeping Bag (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Sleeping Mat - [u'equipment']
Small Knife (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Small Towel - [u'equipment']
Soap - [u'toiletries']
Socks - [u'clothing']
Spare Headtorch Batteries (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Spare Running Bottoms - [u'clothing']
Spare Running Top - [u'clothing']
Suncream (Mandatory) - [u'toiletries']
Sunglasses (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Survival Blanket (Mandatory) - [u'first aid']
Toilet Paper or Tissues (Mandatory) enough to last for the duration of the race - [u'toiletries']
Toothbrush - [u'toiletries']
Toothpaste - [u'toiletries']
Underwear - [u'clothing']
Warm Bottoms (Mandatory) for evening at camp - [u'clothing']
Warm Top (Mandatory) for the evenings at camp - [u'clothing']
Whistle (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Windbreaker Jacket - [u'clothing']