The 6633 Arctic Ultra (350 miles) Kit List
08 March 2018

This is the kit you need.

Item Product Quantity
24hr Emergency Rations (Mandatory) Enough food for 24hr emergency ration supply - [u'food', u'pulk']
Backpack 20-25L capacity - [u'equipment', u'backpack']
Balaclava (Mandatory) - [u'clothing', u'backpack']
Base Layer Gloves (Mandatory) - [u'clothing', u'bumbag']
Base Layer Leggings - [u'clothing']
Base Layer Top (Mandatory) High wicking is crucial. Must be thermal. Synthetic or merino wool is suitable - [u'clothing']
Bivy Bag (Mandatory) Tent acceptable too but bivy bag highly recommended for ease - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Blister Plasters - [u'first aid', u'pulk']
Bodyglide - [u'first aid', u'pulk']
Bumbag Approx. 5-8ML - [u'equipment', u'bumbag']
Compass (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'backpack']
Down Jacket - [u'clothing', u'backpack']
Expedition Mitts (Mandatory) - [u'clothing', u'pulk']
Face Mask (Mandatory) Recommended to buy several to rotate as moisture causes freezing on the masks (defrost them at CPs) - [u'clothing', u'backpack']
First Aid Kit (Mandatory) - [u'first aid', u'pulk']
Food - [u'food']
Fuel (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Goggles (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'backpack']
Hand Warmers - [u'equipment', u'bumbag']
Headtorch (Mandatory) Externa battery pack recommended - [u'equipment', u'backpack']
Headtorch Batteries (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Hydration System (Mandatory) Camelbak 2L-3L capacity recommended - [u'equipment', u'backpack']
Hydration System Thermal Cover (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'backpack']
Hypodermic Needle - [u'first aid', u'pulk']
Kettle (Mandatory) or similar - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Lip Balm - [u'toiletries', u'bumbag']
Mid Layer Gloves (Mandatory) - [u'clothing', u'bumbag']
Mid Layer Socks (Mandatory) Thinner wool socks recommended - [u'clothing']
Mid Layer Top (Mandatory) Fleece recommended. Variation of mid layers also recommended to be able to adapt to varying climatic conditions. - [u'clothing']
Mug - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Over Socks (Mandatory) Thick wool socks recommended - [u'clothing']
Painkillers - [u'first aid', u'bumbag']
Pocket Knife - [u'equipment', u'bumbag']
Pulk - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Replacement Batteries Pick up at CP3 - [u'equipment', u'drop bag 1']
Replacement Batteries (2) Pick up at CP6 - [u'equipment', u'drop bag 2']
Replacement Clothing Pick up at CP3 - [u'clothing', u'drop bag 1']
Replacement Clothing (2) Pick up at CP6 - [u'clothing', u'drop bag 2']
Replacement Food Pick up at CP3 - [u'food', u'drop bag 1']
Replacement Food (2) Pick up at CP6 - [u'food', u'drop bag 2']
Replacement Fuel (Mandatory) Pick up at CP3 - [u'equipment', u'drop bag 1']
Replacement Fuel (2) - [u'equipment', u'drop bag 2']
Safety Light (Mandatory) Flashing beacon, one attached to pulk and one to your back - [u'equipment', u'backpack']
Safety Light Spare Batteries (Mandatory) Spare batteries for each red light/flashing beacon - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Scissors - [u'first aid', u'pulk']
Sleeping Bag Down recommended. Min temp rating of -35C - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Sleeping Mat (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Sleeping Mat (Foam) (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Sleeveless Down Jacket - [u'clothing', u'pulk']
Spare Base Layer Top - [u'clothing', u'pulk']
Spare Gloves spare mid layer gloves - [u'clothing', u'pulk']
Spare Mid Layer Top - [u'clothing', u'pulk']
Spare Socks (Mandatory) Pick up at CP3 - [u'clothing', u'drop bag 1']
Spare Socks (2) Pick up at CP6 - [u'clothing', u'drop bag 2']
Spare Thermal Trousers/Leggings - [u'clothing', u'pulk']
Spork (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Stove (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Stove Wind Shield - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Sunglasses - [u'equipment', u'bumbag']
Thermal Liner Socks (Mandatory) Silk ones recommended - [u'clothing']
Thermal Trousers/Leggings (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Thermal Underwear - Bra (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Thermal Underwear - Briefs (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Thermos Flask (Mandatory) one for boiling water and one for tea/coffee/hot chocolate - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Trail Shoes (Mandatory) Boots acceptable. - [u'equipment']
Walking Poles - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Warm Buff (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Warm Hat (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Waterproof Matches (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Whacking great big chocolate cake from M&S For the finish line! - [u'food', u'finish line bag']
Windproof Lighter (Mandatory) - [u'equipment', u'pulk']
Windproof Thermal Jacket - [u'clothing']