The Druids Challenge Kit List
10 November 2016

This is the kit you need.

Item Product Quantity
Batteries (Mandatory) Must have two sets for head torch. One set is spare. - [u'equipment']
Emergency silver blanket (Mandatory) - [u'emergency equipment']
Head torch (Mandatory) - [u'equipment']
Long trousers (Mandatory) Can also be leggings - [u'clothing']
Mobile phone (Mandatory) Must be fully charged. Must have in case of emergency contact saved in your phonebook as ICE. - [u'emergency equipment']
Running gear (Mandatory) - [u'clothing', u'']
Running shoes (Mandatory) Can also be walking boots - [u'clothing']
Thermal top (Mandatory) - [u'clothing']
Warm hat (Mandatory) Can also be a buff - [u'clothing']
Water bottle (Mandatory) Must have a minimum capacity of one litre. Can also be a water hydration pack. - [u'equipment']
Waterproof (Mandatory) Presume this is a waterproof jacket - not specified by organiser - [u'clothing', u'']
Whistle (Mandatory) - [u'emergency equipment']